Monday, February 27, 2012

Spectra flair fail!

I placed an order from Custom Creation Paints one 2*7*12.  I still have not received my order.  I contacted the seller who informed me that my package was on its way back to him.  Chris, seemed to have an attitude with me when I asked him to resend it to me. 

He has not yet done a refund.  He gave me no empathy and did not seem to appreciate my business.  I only ordered 2 grams but rather I ordered 2...5...or 250 grams, you'd think he'd understand.  I didn't get any notice of an undeliverable package.  Not receiving my order is not the problem.  His lack of customer service is. 

He told me, "Yes it all is to much trouble for 2 grams of spectraflair it not worth the hassle i get when i send overseas, i have done my bit you supply the address i send it! it gets returned i resend it who should pay the bill to resend? please do tell me?"  This was the response to me after asking if I pay for the 2grams to be shipped back to me would I receive a tracking number. 

He has not responded yet to my request for a refund.  If you know that I don't have my product, and you've confirmed that it is on its way back to you then a refund should be done proactively.  I dont know where else to get this product and I'm livid with his lack of customer service. 

I just want my money back.  Beware of this seller if you are looking for this item.  He is rude and his customer service sucks.  Your business like mine will not be appreciated.

All I wanted was shiney super sexy rainbow prism nails.  Is that too much to ask for?

Who do you get your spectraflair for frankening from?  I'm new to the game.  It's just a hobby for me but I'm passionate about it.


  1. I responded to your comment on my blog but I followed you here to repeat it.

    As far as where to get it currently, contact Kitties26 of the blog More Nail Polish. She's a lovely Aussie chick who has the coarse grade available for a reasonable price and having bought 4 grams from her, I can assure you the process from beginning to end went flawlessly.

    Being he sent it, he would be the one informed if it were undeliverable- in fact, when I mailed a package to Australia, it would have been returned to me had their been a problem. Did you pay the UK dude via Paypal or with a credit card? Let me think about this for a while...

  2. Awh, thanks for responding. I just needed to vent. It wasn't the fact that I didn't get my package. It was his customer he treated me. I used my debit card to pay him on his website. I didn't go through ebay or paypal.

    It was secured through cardsave and I paid him a total of Total: £30.67. I was disgusted by his attitude and him telling me that my purchase was a hassle.

    1. No, it's the money and the principle. You used your debit card which is essentially a credit card. This means, providing it is a real bank debit card as opposed to a prepaid debit card, that you can do a charge-back. Meaning you can get the money back if he is refusing to return it. But with a debit card you have less time to do this so you need to call your bank and find out if you can and if there is still time. For future reference, go through Paypal whenever possible because there's more buyer protection. I could be wrong but it looks like his webstore doesn't accept Paypal while his eBay store does. You may not want to but you could offer to pay the shipping to resend it rather than pushing for a refund. It may also be that once he has the package in hand, he will then return the money. I'd still call the bank.

    2. Thanks. I'll call my bank today. I inquired about me covering the cost for shipping it back to me and if a tracking number was available. He didnt respond to that question he just told me it was a hassle to send 2 grams overseas. So at this point I dont trust him enough to have him ship me anything or do future business with. He has not empathy and customers want to feel secure especially with a first time purchase and/or and international purchase. Thats my last time ordering from him :(

    3. He gave me my money back. I'm glad. Thats my last time doing business with him. Too sarcastic.